Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Stone Grinding & Waxing Services


Boulder Nordic Sport is a full-service ski shop offering premium stone grinding, ski and waxing services at our retail locations in Boulder, CO and Portland, Maine and now at events with our traveling race service shop, BNS Mobile.  Top racers from across North America send their skis to us because we do the best quality work in the country.  Have your skis prepared by the pros and see how much better they go!

BNS Mobile

BNS Mobile - Professional Race ServiceThe BNS wax crew hits the road in our new rig, BNS Mobile, pushing our goal of providing World Cup Service for Everyone at events across the country.  BNS Mobile travels to races offering professional race waxing services and a mini-BNS store. It serves as a base for our testing and waxing operations and is a great resource wherever you are headed.  Visit the BNS Mobile page for more information, including event schedules and the latest test results and wax recommendations.

Stone Grinding

Stone grinding flattens the ski base, removes burnt and damaged base material and provides important micro-structure.  Bottom line, it makes your skis faster and easier to wax.  We have advanced Tazzari stone grinding machines set up in our Boulder shop.  Skis can be dropped off at our Boulder, CO or Portland, Maine stores.  If you are shipping skis to us, please ship directly to our Boulder store.  Click this link to see our Stone Grinding Menu and Service Schedule/Lead Time.

Hot Box Wax Treatments

Saturate your base with wax for durability and glide.

Basic Saturation $19: Basic Saturation involves applying a very soft paraffin wax to the ski and placing it in the heat box for 90-120 minutes at a temperature of about 55 degrees Celsius (131F). This ensures excellent saturation of the base. The skis will need to be hardened with colder wax for the appropriate conditions.  This hardening can be done with 2-3 layers of ironed-in wax or hot box treatment.

Extreme Saturation $29 (Recommended): This is a two-step process with the first step being application of a very soft paraffin which is placed in the heat box at low temperature (50-55C) for a long time (6-12 hours).  The skis are scraped and a harder paraffin wax is applied followed by the heat box at 60C for approximately one hour.  This second step is still very safe for the skis, but the temperature but may hasten any inevitable movement of the base away from dead flat.  We notice that some skis, especially older models, tend to get concave tips and tails after heat boxing, even after grinding.  The same thing will happen over time and with ironing, but the heat box may accelerate the process.

This treatment will saturate the base and then harden it to a level where it can be race-waxed with high-temperature fluoros and cold waxes.

Race Ready $49: Extreme Saturation plus finish with the specified Swix race wax (LF, HF or HFBD).  The skis are saturated, hardened and then two layers of LF/HF are applied, scraped and brushed, leaving the skis ready to race or for application of Swix Cera F pure fluoro.  Cera F treatment can be added for $20.

Race Wax Services

BNS wax techs offer race waxing services out of the shop and on-site at several events each winter.  We can prepare your skis for any race, just bring them in and we'll get them ready to go.  $39 for High-Fluoro (LF & HF Layers) and $85 for pure fluoro (LF, HF + Pure Fluoro). 

Weekly Nighthawks race special: $15 for a race prep LF wax.  Drop your skis off any day by 3PM and pick them up the next day after 2.

Wax Recommendations

Image: Summit NRL Wax RecommendationBreckenridge & Gold Run on tap for Colorado opener

The staff at Gold Run has been working hard to prep the courses employing snow blowers, a bobcat, and their grooming equipment. Conditions are thin, but good and should make for a great opening weekend of races here in Colorado.   Read More...

Continued Warming, but still cold snow

The forecast calls for continued warming, but the snow should stay relatively cold and consistent to what we saw on Friday for the skate race.  See inside for test results and recommendations.   Read More...

New Snow mixes things up a bit

We Tested and are continuing to test hand structure and fluoro block applications.  See inside for results from this morning's tests at the race venue in Yellowstone.   Read More...

Warming trend, but still pretty cold for Friday

It was brutally cold for the sprint race today, but luckily things look to be warming up for tomorrow's skate race in West Yellowstone.  See inside for test results and recommendations.   Read More...

Cold Snow, but warmer

It should be some cold, slow snow for tomorrow's races.  See inside for a short recommendation and discussion of what we tested today and what will be running tomorrow.   Read More...

Race likely to be cancelled, but in case it happens...

With brutally cold temperatures moving in and roads closed and preventing the timers, TD and USSA representative from getting here, it looks 99% certain that the Sprints schedule for Wednesday are not going to happen.  But we tested some waxes today and have some ideas for Wednesday, if it happens.   Read More...

Snow and wind make minor changes to plan

With the windy and snowy weather, we're having to change plans slightly because vehicle access to the trails is limited and testing opportunities are reduced.  See inside for details.   Read More...

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