Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Stone Grinding & Waxing Services


Boulder Nordic Sport is a full-service ski shop offering premium stone grinding, ski and waxing services at our retail locations in Boulder, CO and Portland, Maine and now at events with our traveling race service shop, BNS Mobile.  Top racers from across North America send their skis to us because we do the best quality work in the country.  Have your skis prepared by the pros and see how much better they go!

BNS Mobile

BNS Mobile - Professional Race ServiceThe BNS wax crew hits the road in our new rig, BNS Mobile, pushing our goal of providing World Cup Service for Everyone at events across the country.  BNS Mobile travels to races offering professional race waxing services and a mini-BNS store. It serves as a base for our testing and waxing operations and is a great resource wherever you are headed.  Visit the BNS Mobile page for more information, including event schedules and the latest test results and wax recommendations.

Stone Grinding

Stone grinding flattens the ski base, removes burnt and damaged base material and provides important micro-structure.  Bottom line, it makes your skis faster and easier to wax.  We have advanced Tazzari stone grinding machines set up in our Boulder shop.  Skis can be dropped off at our Boulder, CO or Portland, Maine stores.  If you are shipping skis to us, please ship directly to our Boulder store.  Click this link to see our Stone Grinding Menu and Service Schedule/Lead Time.

Hot Box Wax Treatments

Saturate your base with wax for durability and glide.

Basic Saturation $19: Basic Saturation involves applying a very soft paraffin wax to the ski and placing it in the heat box for 90-120 minutes at a temperature of about 55 degrees Celsius (131F). This ensures excellent saturation of the base. The skis will need to be hardened with colder wax for the appropriate conditions.  This hardening can be done with 2-3 layers of ironed-in wax or hot box treatment.

Extreme Saturation $29 (Recommended): This is a two-step process with the first step being application of a very soft paraffin which is placed in the heat box at low temperature (50-55C) for a long time (6-12 hours).  The skis are scraped and a harder paraffin wax is applied followed by the heat box at 60C for approximately one hour.  This second step is still very safe for the skis, but the temperature but may hasten any inevitable movement of the base away from dead flat.  We notice that some skis, especially older models, tend to get concave tips and tails after heat boxing, even after grinding.  The same thing will happen over time and with ironing, but the heat box may accelerate the process.

This treatment will saturate the base and then harden it to a level where it can be race-waxed with high-temperature fluoros and cold waxes.

Race Ready $49: Extreme Saturation plus finish with the specified Swix race wax (LF, HF or HFBD).  The skis are saturated, hardened and then two layers of LF/HF are applied, scraped and brushed, leaving the skis ready to race or for application of Swix Cera F pure fluoro.  Cera F treatment can be added for $20.

Race Wax Services

BNS wax techs offer race waxing services out of the shop and on-site at several events each winter.  We can prepare your skis for any race, just bring them in and we'll get them ready to go.  $39 for High-Fluoro (LF & HF Layers) and $85 for pure fluoro (LF, HF + Pure Fluoro). 

Weekly Nighthawks race special: $15 for a race prep LF wax.  Drop your skis off any day by 3PM and pick them up the next day after 2.

Wax Recommendations


American Birkebeiner Update

Categories: Announcements, Wax Reports | Author: SuperUser Account | Posted: 2/22/2017 | Views: 4220
BNS Race Wax Service Changes
Due to the uncertainty around the Birkie we are changing our wax service pick-up. Check inside for details....

BNS Wax Service Changes for 2017 Birkie

Due to the weather-related changes in the 2017 Birkie, we are forced to make changes to the BNS American Birkebeiner Race Wax Service. We are still accepting skis, but all pickup and drop-off will need to be at BNS Midwest. We will no longer be able to pick up or deliver skis to the start or the Expo as originally planned. All skis will need to be dropped off and picked up at BNS Midwest in Bloomington if you would like them waxed for the race. We can also wax them at the stores in Boulder and Portland, Maine. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

BNS will still be at the Birkie Expo with SkiGo wax, so visit us there if you make it up to Hayward Thursday and Friday.

For those who do not want to do the race wax service, we will offer a full refund as store credit. This credit can be used for another race wax service, can be put toward the 2018 Birkie Race Wax Service, or used to purchase anything in store – goods or services. We are extending our President's Day sale through Birkie weekend, so there are lots of great deals on skis, boots, clothing and wax. It is also a good time of year to get skis stone ground for next season, or get a hand-selected ski picked for you this summer.

If the Birkie fizzle is not how you want to end your ski season and you are looking for a better way to wrap it up, come out to Colorado where we have lots of snow for the Home Ranch Roundup in Clark, Colorado March 4; or the Snow Mountain Stampede point-to-point March 11 & 12. We can race wax your skis and you can enjoy the amazing spring skiing we have to offer.

BNS Midwest is understandably inundated with questions right now. Please feel free to contact BNS Boulder at 720.227.9400 with questions first. If we can’t help you out, then we can forward you to BNS Midwest. If you do need to contact BNS Midwest, the phone number is 952.303.5683. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and we hope that you have an enjoyable Birkie weekend, whatever ends up happening!


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