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Ski Go LF Kick Waxes are the new name for the old "Fluoro Kick" waxes.  These two waxes are for mushy and wet snow, when falling snow is mixed with rain, and dirty snow. Fluorinated for wet conditions to improve grip and glide. Should be used when the snow is dirty even at normal humidities.​LF orange, +3..-2C / 37..28F When orange XC is not enough. Resists dirt pickup.​LF violet, 0..-6C / 32..21F Can be used down to -8C/18F. All snow types.​Former name                  New nameBlue super                    XC greenBlue extra                        XC bluePurple special                  XC violetRed special                       XC redYellow special                   XC orangeSilver special                    XC yellowFluorkicker 0/-3               LF violetFluorkicker -2/+3             LF orangeRacing extra +4/0             HF yellowRacing +1/-3                      HF redRacing special -2/-15        HF violetRacing universal -1/-20    HF blue