Spring Wax Deals!

Boulder Nordic & Cycle Sport Staff

Rode Endurance 180g
Of all the waxes we sell, this one gets used the most. Many people now tell us they buy their favorite green wax or Cold Powder and only run Endurance as their other all-temp race wax. At the recently concluded Junior Nationals in Lake Placid, a very prominent team said they were testing four full lines of paraffin, and Rode Endurance won every single test all week long! High praise for this one. Rode has informed us the price is going up on this wax next year as well, so grab it on the super sale now!
Regular Price-$55, SALE-$40!

Rode Roto Merino Wool
This is the BEST way to force liquid waxes deeper into the structure and improve durability and speed. You can always use an additional one or two clean wools, so grab them at the sale and be set for next year!
Regular Price-$95, SALE-$60!

Rode WC Kick Pack
Get one each of the legendary Rode WC kickers: B310, B17, BV15. These are usually the first waxes we try, and they are always in the mix. Buy them on the cheap now and be set for race kick next year!
Regular Price-$117, SALE-$85!