Waxing with Warm Klisters

One of the toughest things to do in warm wet snow is get sufficient kick AND glide on classic days. Klister can be a mystery even to people who have used it for years. The weather and snow are constantly changing, and much like in all waxing, when you think you know something you likely do not. 

How to Prep Your Skis for the Big Races

Many of the season's biggest races are a month away: The American Birkebeiner, High School State Meets, Junior National Qualifiers, and countless important citizens' races. Here at BNS, we get a lot of questions in the weeks leading up to races about how to make your skis the fastest possible on race...

Advanced Liquid Paraffin Application

We are now three years into fluor-free (FF) testing full-time, and with that has come a LOT of application testing and data. We get tons of questions about the best way to apply liquids for speed and durability. 

What Makes a Carbon Ski Boot Special?

Unlike many sports, users of varying abilities can enjoy a great deal of elite-level Nordic ski equipment. The carbon-chassis ski boot is a prime example. There are several advantages to the use of carbon in cross-country boots. The strength-to-weight ratio of carbon makes these boots absurdly light, but that's just...