At BNS, we strive to share the knowledge and experience our staff has accumulated over years of competing and working at the highest levels of cross-country skiing. It is our goal to help every skier have the best experience possible whether it means helping to get them set up with the right gear or by providing the tips and tricks to get the most out of a day on the snow.

Below you will find links to several resources we have put together over the years. If you have questions or suggestions of how we can better-serve the skiing community, please let us know!

Ski Preparation, Service, & Maintenance

Making fast skis is fun. Don't be intimidated by the technical nature and perceived voodoo that permeates ski preparation. With a little knowledge and technique, you’ll be waxing skis quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.

We have distilled our experience as racers, wax techs, and coaches here, breaking down ski service into manageable layers of information.

How-To: Glide Waxing

How-To: Kick Wax & Klister

How-To: Fluorocarbons

How-To: Hand Structure

How-To: Summer Ski Storage

Ski, Boot, & Pole Fitting

Having the right gear can make or break your cross-country skiing experience. Having properly fitted skis, boots, and poles is the first step to having a great time on the trails.

How-To: Ski Fitting

How-to: Boot Fitting

How-to: Pole Fitting