Both Boulder Nordic Sport locations are full-service ski shops and offer the complete range of services listed below.

  • Boulder, CO:
    629 S. Broadway, Suite K
  • Portland, ME:
    30 Olympia Street

Hot Wax Services

Paraffin wax is applied with a waxing iron, allowed to cool, then scraped and brushed. Perfect for touring skis, recreational cross-country, or race training.

Hydrocarbon Wax (basic): $25

Low-Fluoro Wax (mid-grade): $35

High-Fluoro Wax (premium: $50

Hotbox Service

Hotboxing is the perfect way to prep new skis and rejuvenates older skis that have been neglected.

Paraffin wax is applied to the bases and then the skis are placed in a custom-built convection oven that keeps a consistent temperature, allowing the ski bases to become saturated with wax. One BNS hotbox treatment is equal to roughly 15 wax jobs using a traditional wax iron.

Hotbox Service (two steps: saturation wax followed by low fluorocarbon hardener): $39

Summer Storage Hotbox Service (three steps: chemical clean, saturation wax, and hardening wax) $49

Race Wax Service

Let our wax techs give your skis the full World Cup treatment! Services are available at all BNS locations and on-site at select race venues around the U.S.

Race Wax Service (Base, paraffin, powder, topcoat): Starting at $85

Information on BNS Mobile race service and event calendar here.

Binding Installation

Binding installation (cross-country & touring skis): $30

Rollerski binding installation: $35

New ski binding installation (when purchased from BNS): FREE

*BNS does not service or mount alpine touring, telemark, three-pin, or alpine bindings.

Stone Grinding

Stonegrinding can make a huge difference in the performance of your cross-country skis. We think it's so important, we have dedicated a significant amount of our business to it and it has its own page on our website.

Stonegrind (all structures): $85

Find out more about stone grinding here!

Touring Ski Services

Pine tar application (dependent on available supplies): $40

Other services

Cross-country race fleet evaluation: $50

Classic ski flex test and kickzone marking: $15

Rollerski alignment: $15

Ski repair (must be approved by service manager): $40/hour + parts & materials

Miscellaneous service work (must be approved by service manager): $40/hour + parts & materials