Boulder Nordic & Cycle Sport protects sensitive information by using industry-leading security practices and minimizing the collection and storage of sensitive data. We do not store credit card information electronically and we destroy all physical records containing sensitive information promptly. We do not sell or share personal information.
Occasionally, an order will change after it has been placed and Boulder Nordic & Cycle Sport will need to adjust the payment amount. Since we do not store this information, Boulder Nordic & Cycle Sport will need to contact you to obtain the information necessary to complete the change. If someone calls you from Boulder Nordic & Cycle Sport, please verify that it is us by asking for details about your order or calling us back to provide the information, so that you know you are talking to someone at Boulder Nordic & Cycle Sport.
Our site uses SSL encryption that guarantees sensitive data will be kept secret between your computer and our web server. Our website transmits encrypted data directly to the credit card processor so that the sensitive information is never stored, and therefore, even if our security is breached, there is no information to be stolen.