Technique efficiency dramatically affects enjoyment and performance in cross-country skiing.  Our coaches have experience and knowledge coaching thousands of skiers from beginners to National Champions and can provide you with the tools to make rapid progress.  Using video analysis and adapting teaching styles to each individual we have a very high rate of success with skiers of all abilities at our camps, coaching groups and in private clinics.  We find that consistency is very important while working on technique, so we offer several options to provide affordable technique coaching that is more than just a one-time thing.

Private Clinics for Groups or Individuals

Have our coaches work with you individually, with a small group of friends, or an entire club.  We can set up a private clinic or series of clinics for one or a hundred people almost anywhere in the country.  Let us know your requirements and we will get the best coaching for your situation.  For individual and small-groups we generally charge $75/hour for one person $20/hr for each additional person.  We offer special pricing for customized clinics of 5 or more people, so call us to request a special rate on a clinic to fit your needs.  We are happy to work with clubs and groups who want to get some expert coaching!

Call 877-BNS-SKIS to learn more!