The BNS Mobile Service Team hits the road every winter, pushing our goal of "World Cup Service for Everyone." At events across the country, BNS mobile allows us to provide professional race waxing services and you get the fastest wax of the day at the race site.

We’ve raised the bar in wax testing and recommendations by testing multiple brands of wax and using the same professional methods used in our work as technicians at World Cups, World Championships, and the Olympics. One of the things that most excites us about doing ski service is that it enables us to do more on-site testing and provide more feedback on waxes, grinds, and ski flexes. The direct benefit will be an increase in the quality and quantity of our wax recommendations as we continue to push the standard higher.

Have your skis waxed by us!

While your competitors stress about which wax to use, where to get it and how to apply it, you can relax after you drop off your skis with our professional service crew. Like a World Cup racer, you'll pick up your skis race-ready with the best wax and structure applied so you can focus on your race.

Want to wax your own skis?

No problem. Drop by BNS Mobile, ask us about our test results, get advice and grab whatever wax you need at our mobile store.

No BNS at the race? No worries!

Even when the BNS Mobile Service Team isn't at your race, BNS has tech reps across North America that will be testing and making wax recommendations for hundreds of races around the US. We also provide race wax service at many local races based out of the shops in Boulder, CO and Portland, ME.  Check our wax recommendations page for the latest updates and recommendations.