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The Swenor Fibreglass are known for their superb vibration dampening that make the Km's melt away. This is accomplished through a combination of their wood composite shaft, and their machined aluminum forks. By reducing the chatter from uneven surfaces, you can extend your training sessions comfortably. 

This ski is ideal for you if: You are looking to get the most out of your rollerskiing experience with a ski that will go the distance with you. This ski is the choice of those who are looking to enhance their training by reducing the fatique associated with hitting bumps in the road. This is ideal for elite skiers who are skiing for prolonged periods of time, skiers looking to reduce the impact of the road on their joints and ligaments, or those who wish to stride as comfortably as possible.  


Wheel Diameter: 70mm

Wheel Width: 45mm

Weight: 2150g/pair

Length: 730mm

Sealed bearings (water-proof bearings)

Fibreglass/Wood Composite Shaft

Includes Mudflaps