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When V2 decided to make a shock-absorbing ferrule, they knew from experience that spring loading the carbide tip was not the answer. They wanted the shock-absorbing feature to be independent of the carbide tip. The major advantage is that if the shock absorbing spring should fail, the carbide tip remains intact and the skier is still able to pole. For the G3 version we changed the spring retainer from a plastic unit to a high strength 4mm socket bolt. They are now able to use a smaller diameter spring with a higher damping force. As can be seen in the graph below, the damping stroke has been increased by approximately 40%. The spring force when the damping plunger first hits the pavement is lower on G3 than on the previous models, but after only 1.5mm of compression the force is equal to starting force of G1 & G2, and then increases rapidly. When the carbide tip penetrates the pavement the damping force of G3 is more than 2 times greater than G1 and G2. The result is greater shock absorption. Another advantage with G3 is that if the spring should fail it can be replaced by removing the nut and 4mm bolt. This was not possible in the Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions.