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Color: Yellow (Silver)
Yellow (Silver)

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Until now it has been tough to get in the US, but now BNS will be distributing Guru, opening up a new level of kick wax performance. Absolute must-haves in the Guru Line are Extreme Hallgeir, Extreme39, and Extreme 39 Hard. The other waxes on this list are excellent as well.

Extreme Hallgeir -2ºc to -10ºc.  Awesome binder and also works well atop Extreme 39 klister. Best in course-grained and man-made snow.

GREEN -6ºc to -20ºc. For cold, new snow and as a binder.

RED 0ºc to -4ºc. Newly Fallen snow, fine snow. Great mixed with Green forvariable colder conditions.

YELLOW +1ºc to -2ºc. Newly fallen snow, fine snow.