Boulder Nordic Sport is a full-service ski shop offering premium stone grinding, ski, and waxing services at our retail locations in Boulder, CO and  Portland, ME and at events with our traveling race service shop, BNS Mobile. Top racers from across North America send their skis to us because we do the best quality work in the country.  Have your skis prepared by the pros and see how much faster they go!


Ski Waxing & Repairs

We offer standard wax service and ski repair for both cross-country and touring skis. Please see our shop menu for a full listing of ski services.

BNS also offers race waxing services out of the shop and on-site at several events each winter.  We can prepare your skis for any race, just bring them in and we'll get them ready to go.

Ski Shop Service Menu

Stone Grinding

Stone grinding flattens the ski base, removes burnt and damaged base material and provides important micro-structure. Bottom line, it makes your skis faster and easier to wax. We have two advanced Tazzari stone grinding machines in Boulder, CO. Skis can be dropped off at either of our stores or shipped directly to our Headquarters in Boulder.  If you are shipping skis to us, please only ship directly to our Boulder, CO location.

Stone Grinding Page


BNS Mobile Race Wax Services & Sales

The BNS wax crew hits the road in our new rig, BNS Mobile, pushing our goal of providing World Cup Service for Everyone at events across the country.  BNS Mobile travels to races offering professional race waxing services and a mini-BNS store. It serves as a base for our testing and waxing operations and is a great resource wherever you are headed.  Visit the BNS Mobile page for more information, including event schedules and the latest test results and wax recommendations.

BNS Mobile Page