2023 Update: Almost all kick waxes that are readily available are fluorocarbon-free. It is reasonable to assume that a kick wax is fluor-free unless specifically stated that it is fluorinated on the package. Regardless, here is the list we generated in 2022 for fluor-free kickers:

Rode Basic Kick All: Alaska, Green Special, Green,
Blue I, Blue II, Blue Special
Multigrade, Super Blue, Super
Extra Blue, Weiss, Violet Special
Multigrade, Viola, Viola Extra, Red,
Red Extra, Yellow, Black Base
Rode T Line All: VO, VPS, VXPS
Rode WC Test Kick All: -1/-7(B17), -1/-5(BV15),
Guru Kick All: Green, Blue, Violet, Red,
Yellow, Extreme Hallgeir,
Super Hallgeir, Special
Holmenkol Kick All: Green, Blue, Blue Spezial,
Blue Extra, Violet Spezial, Violet,
Red, Yellow, Base
Rex N Series Kick All: N41, N31, N21 Black, N21, N11
SkiGo XC Line All: Green, Blue, Violet, Red,
Orange, Yellow, Base, Base
Start Synthetic Kick All: Nordic, Green, Blue, Purple,
Yellow, Base, Base Extra
Start Terva (Tar) Kick All: Minus, Ten Five, Two, Zero, Plus
Start Oslo Kick All: Green, Blue, Purple
Start Black Magic Non-Fluoro Kick
Swix V Line All: Polar, Green, Blue, Blue Extra,
Violet Special, Violet, Red Special,
Red Silver
Swix VG35 Binder
Swix VG30 Binder

Swix VP Line All: VP30, VP40, VP45, VP50, VP55,
VP60, VP65, VP70
Toko Nordic Hardwax Line All: X-Cold, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
Vauhti GS Line GS Green, GS Blue, GS Carrot, GS
Red, GS Base AT, GS Super Base


Rode Basic Klister All: Blue Special, Blue, Violet
Special, Violet, Rossa, Rossa
Special, Silver Extra, Silver, Yellow,
Black, Multigrade Universal,
Universal, Chola, Base Klister Spray
Rode T Line All: K3, KR3, KM3, KRS3
Guru Klister All: Green Base, Blue, Violet,
Extreme 39, Extreme 39 Hard,
Red, Red Silver
Holmenkol Klister All: Blue, Violet, Red, Red Spezial,
Universal, Black Spezial, Silver
Rex Basic Klister All: Blue, Purple, Gold, Red Special,
Universal, Base
Rex TK-2251 Klister
Rex Liquid Klister All: Gold, Red Special, Base
SkiGo XC Klister All: Blue, Violet, Red Silver,
Orange, Universal
Start Base Klister and Base Spray Klister
Start Basic Klister Line All:
Blue, Purple, Special, Red,
Universal Wide, Universal Wide
Plus, Base, Spray Base
Start Black Magic Non-Fluoro Klister
Swix KX Line All: KX20, KX30, KX35, KX40S,
KX45, KX65, KX75
Swix K21S Universal Silver
Swix K22 Universal
Swix KN33 and KN44
Swix KB20 Spray Binder
Toko Basic Klister Line All:
Blue, Red, Yellow
Toko Base Klister Green
Toko Spray Klister Green and Universal
Vauhti KS Line All:
KS Blue, KS Violet, KS Red,
KS Universal