How to Get it Done

*Stone grinding is a labor-intensive process that typically takes 4-6 business days, plus transit time for shipping. There are, however, occasionally, circumstances that can delay ski delivery. We are happy to provide a time estimate when you drop off or ship your skis; however, we cannot offer a guaranteed delivery date. Our summer stone grinding schedule is much less frequent than the weekly winter schedule.

You have two options to get your skis to us for grinding:

1. Drop them off at BNS stores in Boulder, Colorado or Portland, Maine.
2. Ship them to us in Boulder, Colorado.

Please DO NOT ship skis to the Portland store!

Shipping Skis

1. Download a stone grinding work order form.

Grinding Work Order Form (Individuals)
(sometimes opens slowly in Chrome, try downloading if this is the case)
Grinding Work Order Form (Teams)
Stone Grinding Menu Download (PDF)

2. Fill out the form, prepare your skis and ship them to the Boulder store. Only ship skis to the Boulder, CO location.

CALL US IF YOU NEED HELP! We can guide you to the right grind choice and answer other questions you might have.

Boulder Nordic Sport Stone Grinding
629 S Broadway, Suite K
Boulder, CO 80305

+1 720-227-9400