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AirTrim Cold Air Masks warm the air you breathe to help in extreme cold and dry conditions. There are many different filter types - Sport, Asthma and Racing 1, 2 and 3. The Asthma filter gives the most warming (lowest airflow) and is for people with asthma or angina who suffer from breathing cold air. Because the asthma filter conserves heat more effectively, it can be used to help ward off hypothermia in the event of an accident. The sport filter is designed for low- to medium-intensity training, and the race filters for high-intensity workouts and racing.  Race 1 is the most resistance/warming, and Race 3 is the least resistance/warming.

During use, the filter gets very damp, and you should clear it regularly by blowing vigorously through the mask. Avoid touching the wet filter, as it tears easily. Allow the mask and filter to air dry. Always bring along spare filters on long training sessions and mountain trips. Spare filters must be kept dry. Filters that are adequately dried between uses should last 20-30+ sessions. The Sport mask comes with one sport filter and one Racing 1 filter.  The Asthma mask comes with two asthma filters. Filter packs come in 2-packs of Racing 1, Racing 2, Racing 3, Asthma, and Sport.  The Racing Filter Pack contains one each of Racing 1, 2, and 3.

There is a new item available, Airtrim Race Mask, which comes with the mask and one each of Racing Filters 1, 2, and 3.

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