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Pick a mountain. Choose an activity. Feel safe and secure with Peak Nano Optics Photochromic. A pair of technically advanced glasses that go perfectly with sports and activities at high altitudes. The detachable rubber parts let you efficiently block out any unwanted sunlight. Peak Nano Optics Photochromic is a photochromatic lens with anti-fog. It darkens and lightens up automatically to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). It ranges between filter category 2 to 4, offering extra protection when the sun is at its brightest. Enjoy the beautiful winter days and the sunlight of the mountain tops with Peak Nano Optics Photochromic.

General properties
Peak Nano Optics Photochromic is a natural choice if you’re into high altitude activities. For winter sports, hiking or any other activity at high altitudes, having the correct protection for your eyes is crucial. That is why we developed Peak Nano Optics Photochromic. Technically advanced sports glasses of the highest quality. The Nano Optics Photochromic™-lens protects your eyes from the strong sunlight that can otherwise be almost painful at higher altitudes. The lens adjust automatically to the strength of the sunlight. You don’t just get a pair of great looking and comfortable pair of glasses with photochromic lenses. You also get 100% protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Peak is a unisexmodel made to fit normal sized faces. With the neck strap that come with the glasses, you can be sure that they stay in place.

Lens properties
Peak Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a high tech lens in X-PC with photochromatic abilities that darkens and lightens up automatically to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). The lens is in X-PC material and also delivers complete UV protection, minimal refraction, anti-scratch, anti-fog, multicoating and is also hydrophobic. A total of 9 valuable lens properties in one lens. A unique combination of the best possible protection, comfort and vision in one pair of glasses.

Peak is made from Grilamid TR90, a high tech material that provides low weight and high flexibility. The material is also as comfortable to wear in the strong sunlight as they are in the freezing winter cold. Peak really is a light weight model, weighing in at a mere 27 grams. This makes them comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time.

Adjustment possibilities
Find your perfect fit with the adjustable details of Peak. Detachable rubber parts on the side of the glasses lets you block out unwanted sunlight. Nose pad and temple tips are adjustable to fit your needs. Peak guarantees a safe and comfortable experience.