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The V2 XL150S Rollerskis have large diameter pneumatic (air) tires that work well on rough roads. They can even be used on smooth non-paved surfaces. The XL150S is most often used for skating and double-poling, although it can be fitted with ratchets and outriggers for classic. Can be fit with speed reducers and/or the XL brake. BNS recommends equipping with speed reducers or brake as well as a spare wheel in case of a flat tire (not included).

*Bindings not included.

Wheel width: 31mm

Wheel diameter: 150mm

Wheelbase: 604mm

Speed: Fast (can be Fast to Very Slow adjustable w/ optional speed reducers)

Weight (per pair):1980g

Replacement Tires/Wheels: W150T (Tire) W150TB (tube) W150 (entire wheel).