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The right choice for moving fast in wet or coarse snow conditions is the Speedmax 3D Classic Plus 902. Gliding Sidewall construction provides a seamless, smooth surface to both sides of the ski ensuring the reduction of friction for improved performance. Optimized for warm wax conditions. Of course a ski this fast carries the RACE CODE seal.Winning can be a matter of split seconds

There is no feeling like standing at the top of the podium and designing skis that can deliver that experience is a constant focus at Fischer. All Speedmax Classic skis, boots and poles are designed and constructed with cutting edge materials that reduce weight and help maximize speed. The RACE CODE seal is your assurance that all Speedmax products are built to World Cup standards.

This is what Johannes Høsflot Klæbo says about the Speedmax 3D:

The Speedmax 3D is a cool ski with yellow sidewalls which are waxable with liquid waxes. So you can glide on three sides. Once you hit the snow with the sidewalls, the glide will be just as good as on the base under the skis. It's a gamechanger by Fischer resulting in many World Championships medals. I am convinced that this is the future of xc skiing.