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The Skate X binding system and Madshus Redline Skate X boot are truly a revolutionary step in skate skiing. BNS Founder Nathan Schultz had the chance to ski about 45km over two days in March on this system in varying conditions from cold powder, glare ice, slush and everything in between. His verdict? "Wow, this is a game changer."

The Skate X binding and outsole move the location of push to where it naturally should be, under the ball of your foot. This is not a new concept, as we were skiing on this type of system back in 2007. The difference is that Madshus and Rottefella are the first to figure out how to package it in a system that is functional enough for mainstream use.

The Skate X system improves power transmission, especially in V2, allowing you to push longer and more forcefully throughout the power cycle. Despite the radical adjustment, it takes surprisingly little time to adapt to the repositioning of the fulcrum underfoot. We noticed the biggest change in high-speed downhills but were able to adjust to the new feel of the system quickly. After a few hours on Skate X, we could bomb down some big hills and through challenging corners in difficult spring conditions alternating between ice, slush, and new snow. Skiers with good technique will benefit most from the Skate X system, but what surprised us is how less-skilled skiers also excelled on the system. Many intermediate-level skiers commented on how they naturally went into V2 technique much earlier than they would on other systems and felt more stable and in control on the Skate X.

In a nutshell, Skate X provides better control, power transmission and stability than previous binding systems. Madshus has done an excellent job of re-designing the fit and feel of these boots in addition to the Skate X outsole. We think these are revolutionary and will support skiers of all abilities to ski faster and have more fun doing it.

The Skate X binding is only available for NIS-plated skis.

 From Madshus:

Skate X is the first binding system designed specifically for skate skiing. The point of rotation is moved to under the ball of the foot, optimizing for stability, power and efficiency.

The Madshus Redline Skate X boot uses the new Skate X outsole the provides a compact interface between the boot and binding, a stiffer connection, increased power transmission and lateral stability. The RED carbon chassis provides maximum stability, power and control. The Madshus Race Wrap 2.0 Innerboot is designed for a snug fit and precise connection to the ski.

  • 485g / pair size 42
  • Rottefella Skate X Binding System only
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