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Magnar kick waxes are the result of Magnar Dalen's work as a ski tech with national teams on the World Cup and they provide unique solutions.  They are  absurdly expensive, but they work, and it they can be a great asset in the wax kit when the conditions are right.  The No. 3 and No. 4 are especially useful in tricky conditions, having excellent kick, glide and durability.  Those two waxes can work well when nothing else seems to do the job. The 1 and 2 waxes are also excellent, but there are also a lot of other options that cost a lot less that work well in those ranges. From Magnar:Ski Wax Magnar is a product which is produced by Magnar's own recipe. The ingredients in the ski wax and the way it is made is and always will stay a secret. The recipe has been made after many years of tests with the national team in Sweden and Norway. The ski wax gives you an extremely good grip and it also manages to handle large changes in temperature before the grip will depreciate.

Magnar's experience as a manager for the waxing team where he worked for both the Norwegian and the Swedish national teams makes this product unique in its kind. Many victories and medals in the World cup, World championships, Olympic games and at Vasaloppet have been won due to this fantastic product. We are promising you a ski wax with better grip without losing glide.

The ski wax is made for five different areas in temperature and conditions. Each one of those five waxes covers a wide area, which makes the waxing much easier. Number 3 is the "universal" and out of that one, you easily can correct to more aggressive or smooth waxing.

45g tins. The price is per tin, not the set. And no, you're not reading the price wrong, it really is that expensive.

No. 1 -8C to -15C. Special wax for new snow and dry climate. Very good qualities for glide. Works very well as a cover for more aggressive waxes.

No. 2: -6C to -12C. A cold wax for all types of snow. Best for Transformed and Granular snow and High Humidity. Even good as a cover for more aggressive waxes.

No. 3. -2C to -7C. Universal wax for all types of snow. Covers a large range of temperatures and gives excellent grip. Works amazingly well when the temperature is rising from cold to warm. An excellent klister cover.

No. 4 0C to -2C. Special Wax for very difficult conditions around 0C. Gives excellent grip and it's always good to try before switching from hard wax to klister.
New Snow (N waxes).Almost the same temp ranges as the original waxes, but for falling and new snow which has not undergone much grooming or transformation.

N1 is exceptional as a cover, the N2 is good for short races (not a tough as others in the line), N3, and N4 exceptional with new falling snow.