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Color: Blue Cold (-15/-5 C)

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Rode has been working hard with multiple National Teams and International test partners to improve on their already-popular Racing and Racing Extra lines. The Racing World Cup Line is the result, with new formulations based on the success of the Racing Line with a different carrying agent. The WC liquids are fast drying, which means they are ready to race on in as little as 10 minutes. While this alone is a huge step forward, these liquids are also faster in a variety of conditions! We are really excited to be able to offer these game-changing liquids for 2024-2025. Available in both 80ml and 250ml. 

  • WC Liquid Cold -5 to -15C for cold transformed, manmade and older snow. Fast Dry. 
  • WC Liquid Med -2 to -7C for all snow types but fresh new snow. Fast Dry.
  • WC Liquid Warm 0 to -3C for all snow types. Fast Dry.
  • WC Liquid Wet 0 to -3C formulated specifically for WET snow. Fast Dry. 

Rode WC Racing Liquids come in Cold, Medium, Warm, and Wet. These waxes are durable and fast out of the gate. The new WC formula dries faster on the ski. They are simple to use, and a sponge applicator is included for easily spreading the product. This sponge also stays saturated, maximizing the use of the bottle. They are non-aerosol. Rode is one of the few companies using an aluminum bottle to decrease plastic waste. For increased speed and durability, use the Rode Wool Roto. 

80ml bottles will do between 20-35 pairs of skis. All temperatures listed are snow temperatures.