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Color: RX22 Blue -8/-20 C

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NEW-RX Paraffin Line: After three years of testing and multiple iterations, Rode has added a second line of paraffin waxes with greater speed and durability: the RX line. This line is outstanding, and we have had tremendous success with its test versions. Multiple National Teams were using this with great results at the end of the 2023-2024 World Cup season. They are available in 60g and 180g sizes. There are five: 

  • RX22 Blue -8C to -20C A faster and more durable version of the consistent R20. 
  • RX32 Violet -4 to -10C Take R30 Violet and make it faster? Yes please.
  • RX42 Red -1 to -6C  This version makes the great R40 even better in manmade and manmade mixes. 
  • RX52 Yellow 0 to -3C RX52 is specifically formulated for newer snow.
  • RX62 Yellow 0 to -3C RX62 excels in OLD wet snow and mixed snow. Finally, a WET-snow-specific option!

Comes in 60g and 180g sizes