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Nine more closely-spaced (6mm) positions for fine-tuning skate skis. By moving the bindings forwards in hard packed snow, you get skis that are easier to steer and increases stability. By moving the bindings backwards in loose snow conditions, you get less pressure on the front of the skis and they float better.

Rottefella built the MOVE binding system on the NIS platform to provide the ability to change binding position dynamically and on-the-fly. The old NIS system provided a large range of binding adjustment, but to change the binding position, one had to stop skiing, remove the ski, adjust the binding, put the ski back on and go. The MOVE system adds a “MOVE Switch” at the front of a longer binding plate, allowing a skier to adjust the binding position while attached to the skis. The adjustment can be made while stopped or even while gliding down a hill.

The MOVE System can be made to work with any binding-plate platform, including Turnamic® IFP plates, old-style NIS plates and the new Salomon/Atomic mounting plate (RMP). Rottefella has two new NIS plates (2.0 and 3.0) that are longer than the previous NIS plate (now called 1.0) and has attachment points for the MOVE Switch. The new v. 3.0 plates come on all new Madshus, Kastle and Peltonen classic skis. The MOVE System does require an NNN binding be used, so SNS users will need to switch to a Prolink or NNN- compatible boot to use the system.

The myriad combinations available can make this seem complicated, but what you need to know is that we can make this work on any platform and it will make a noticeable difference on snow. There are several pieces that need to work together: the Plate (typically comes installed on your ski), the MOVE Switch Unit and the binding. New for 2021, Rottefella has simplified this by offering the different pieces à la carte to create the exact combination you need. Call us to cut through the confusion and help configure your setup perfectly.

Rottefella has changed the MOVE system to come in 3 parts: Move Units, Move Bindings and Move Adapters. You combine the parts based on the plate on the ski and which MOVE Unit is most appropriate for your needs.

  • Binding Plate : ALL NIS Plates (1/2/3)
  • Binding System : NNN