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Ski Go LF Low Fluorocarbon Glide Waxes are high-quality, broad-range waxes for medium humidity conditions. These low fluoro glide waxes provide high performance for all types of snow. They provide optimal speed when humidity conditions are 50-75%.​These waxes can be used as the under-layer to the high and pure fluorinated waxes and the cold powders to help improve durability. For use in training, races and time trials. In dry conditions, LF SkiGo may beat the HF waxes.

  • Yellow (formerly C242): For all snow types +20C to -1C humidity 50-75%. Iron 125C. This is hard to beat when it gets wet.
  • Orange (previously Yellow) New to transforming snow types, +1C to -5C humidity 50-75%. Iron 125C
  • Red (previously Violet) For Granular and artificial snow, +1C to -5C humidity 50-75%. Iron 145C.
  • Violet (previously Ultima): For older and abrasive snow, -1C to -12C, Humidity 50-75%. Iron 145C. Also use as underlayer for pure fluoros in aggressive snow conditions. Very durable.
  • Blue (formerly Newsnow): For New Snow -3C to -10C, humidity 50-75%. Iron 130C
  • Green (formerly Blue): All snow types, -7 to -20C humidity 50-75%. Iron 145C.

Application: Allow waxing iron to warm to temperature indicated on box. Drip wax onto the ski base in small dots evenly from tip to tail. Warm wax dots with the iron so that the wax flows across the ski. The wax should remain molten for a short period of time. Let the skis cool (at least 10 minutes). Now scrape the excess wax from the base and follow by brushing with a nylon brush. For Violet, Green and Blue you may lightly brush with a brass brush because they are so hard, but do finishing polish with a nylon brush.​Hints: In the -5C to -8C range blend Orange and Green together 1:1 when the snow is not abrasive. For longer races/loppets use the matching XC glide wax as an underlayer for increased durability. 60g