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The Tristar is ideal for Junior skiers as they feature a small aluminum frame, and wheels that are better suited for small skiers. The wheels are the same size as the Carbonfibre, but use a different axle and ratchet to lower the cost. The smaller wheels help inspire confidence in younger skiers with their reduced swing weight and by setting the skier closer to the ground than a larger wheel. 

This ski is ideal for you if: You are a smaller skier who could benefit from the durable shaft, smaller wheels at a low price. This is a solid pick for any beginner or junior skier looking to get started classic skiing.


Wheel Diameter: 65mm

Wheel Width: 40mm

Weight: 1860g/pair

Length: 700mm 

Includes Muflaps

Rear "Kicker" Wheel

  • Binding Plate : Flat (No Plate)