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Color: VR55N Violet

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Swix VR Line Krystal Kick Waxes are the standard "go to" waxes that should be in every racers box. Simple and effective, Swix VR waxes have wide ranges and offer good kick in tricky conditions and fast glide nearly all of the time. We always start with Swix VR kick waxes when trying to figure out what works best and then move to other brands to see if they can beat the high standard set by Swix. 45 g. Each

  • VR30 Light Blue - A great wax alone in extreme cold and cold conditions as well as a cover to speed up VR40 when needed.
    • New fallen snow -7C to -20C (19F to -4F).
    • Transformed fine grained snow -10C to -30C (14F to -22F).
  • VR40 Blue - Extra Blue with fluorination to speed it up and widen the range.  For normal, subfreezing temperatures, this is always a good bet. New fallen snow -2C to -8C (28F to 18F).
    • Transformed fine grained snow -4C to -12C (25F to 10F).
  • VR45 Flexi Light Violet - A flexible wax for temperatures around freezing and colder. New fallen snow.
    • New fallen snow 0C to -2C (32F to 28F).
    • Transformed fine grained snow -2C to -8C (28F to 18F).
  • VR50 Violet - Designed for moist to dry snow around freezing 0C (32F). When used below freezing, high humidity is required.
    • New fallen snow +1C to 0C (34F to 32F).
    • Transformed fine grained snow 0C to -4C (32F to 25F).
  • VR55 Silver/Violet - Born out of World Cup demand. Tested and used at World Cup Competitions and the Utah Olympic Games. For slightly moist new snow around freezing, and for older transformed snow below freezing. It gives excellent kick without sacrificing glide.
    • New fallen snow +2C to 0C (36F to 32F)
    • Transformed fine grain snow 0C to -3C (32F to 27F)
  • VR60 Silver - A wet snow wax with little or no water present - just high humidity.  When used below freezing, very high humidity required.
    • New fallen snow +2C to 0C (36F to 32F).
    • Transformed fine grained snow +1C to -2C (34F to 28F).
  • VR65 Red Yellow Silver - For moist snow. Excellent wax on fresh slightly wet to moist snow. 
    • New fallen snow +3C to 0C (38F to 32F)
    • Transformed fine grained snow +1C to -1C (34F to 30F).
  • VR70 Klisterwax - Red. For wet and moist new snow. Works also on wet transformed snow down to 0C (32F). Apply thicker if very wet.
    • New fallen snow +1C to +3C (34F to 38F).
    • Transformed fine grained snow 0C to +2C (32F to 36F).
  • VR75 Klisterwax Soft - Yellow. For wet snow, glazy tracks. Must be applied evenly. To be used in tracks only.
    • New fallen snow only +2C to +5C (36F to 41F).