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Color: Violet Med (-7/-2 C)
Blue Cold (-15/-5 C)
Violet Med (-7/-2 C)
Red Warm (-3/0 C)

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Rode Racing Liquids come in Cold, Med and Warm. These waxes are durable and fast out of the gate. Simple to use and a sponge applicator is included for easily spreading the product. This sponge also stays saturated maximizing the use of the bottle. Non aerosol.  Rode is one of the very few companies using an aluminum bottle for decreased plastic waste. For increased speed and durability use the Rode Wool Roto. 

80ml bottles will do between 20-35 pairs of skis. All temperatures listed are snow temperatures. 

****Tech Tip- Put on the night before skiing and buff with Rode Wool Roto Buffer and then brush out with nylon or horsehair aggressively the next day for increased initial speed and durability.****

Racing Liquid Cold -5C to -15C  (5F to 23F). Really good in newer cold snow and at lower humidity. This wax can really fly in the right conditions. 

Racing Liquid Med -2C to -7C (19F to 28F). This one is a monster. If we were to recommend one liquid wax to have it would be RLM. Good in a variety of snow types and in the key temp range of the 20’s This won about 70% of our fluoro free wax tests last year. We simply cannot say enough about this wax. 

Racing Liquid Warm -3C to 0C 26F to 32F RLW is a versatile warm solution especially when the humidity remains below 50%.