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The Redline Skate F2 & F3 are World Cup-quality skate skis built with one goal in mind: to get you to the finish line first. The F2 model is engineered for harder, faster snow conditions, while the F3 model is made for softer, slower conditions. Both the F2 and the F3 models feature our unique Tuned Dynamic Response technology to provide phenomenal energy return and maintain optimal gliding surfaces throughout the entire duration of the ski push-off phase, thus improving snow feeling and maintaining speed. The major differences between the two models lie in the pressure zones and the groove length. The F2 is designed with longer pressure zones to maximize top-end speed, and a longer groove to improve stability at high speed and on harder snowpack. The F3 is built with shorter pressure zones to prioritize acceleration, and a revolutionary tail-only groove that improves biomechanical efficiency by allowing skiers to maintain double skate (V2) technique much further into uphills, especially in softer and slower snow where it is more difficult to maintain momentum.

BNS has a special run of F3 skis that are especially well-suited to universal conditions, a little bit colder, harder than the production F3.