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Color: Green -8/-20C 424
Green -8/-20C 424
Blue -1/-10C 423
Purple +2/-4C 425
Red +4/0C 426
Black 433
Orange Base 491

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  • 424 GREEN  -8...-20°C
    A reliable wax for colder temperatures, and conditions where harder wax is needed, e.g. icy tracks
    or dirty snow.
  • 423 BLUE -1...-10°C
    The king of glide waxes! Legendary Rex Blue is one of the best bang for the buck non-fluorinated
    gliders in the world. The undefeatable choice for base waxing and training. Often, it is the best solution for a
    recreational skier.
  • 425 PURPLE +2...-4°C
    Popular glide wax from zero to mild freezing temps, especially on humid snow.
  • 426 RED +4...+0°C
    Softest of the Rex gliders, and therefore suitable
    for soft tracks and wet new snow.
  • 433 BLACK -7...-25°C
    Special glider for low humidity and cold temperatures.
    Easy to melt and well-absorbing wax. Designed for
    preparation of new skis. Creates a good surface
    for waxing further.