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Rex Liquid Klisters are an excellent option for easy application of messy klisters. The liquid application allows for thinner layering which is a great help when waxing skis with lower camber.

  • 2901 Liquid Base Klister Binder for klisters and kick waxes. Gives excellent adhesion and increases wear resistance for waxing. Base klister is where Rex's liquid klister concept shines. Professional waxers' new favorite base klister! Works great as a primer for all grip waxes, not just klisters. 
  • 2161 Liquid Gold Klister +3…-7°C Rex's very popular Gold Klister is also available in liquid form. It works great on skis with a low wax camber, whereas normal klisters are best suited for skis with a higher wax camber. You can apply liquid klister while skiing, no drying time is required!
  • 2101 Liquid Red Special Klister +10...0°C For wet snow, falling snow and wet conditions. Completely redesigned klister for wet conditions. New raw materials provide durability and wear resistance without compromising grip properties in extremely wet conditions.

60ml with applicator