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Color: N11 Yellow
N11 Yellow
N21 Blue
N21G Black
N31 Green
N41 Pink

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N-line Grip WaxesRacing Grip waxes, rethought

Next level combination of grip and glide with Rex Dual Compound technology: The innovative recipe of our N-line grip waxes consists of both pressure-sensitive and temperature-sensitive raw materials in an optimal ratio, to achieve a perfect balance for the demands of today’s World Cup racing tracks. Taking advantage of Rex N-Kinetic technology increases the glide and dirt repellency of the series. N-series grip waxes can be used as cover waxes, or just on their own. Already World Cup proven with a confirmed win with N-line waxes!

  • 136 N11 Yellow +2…-2°C
    A versatile soft kick wax for both plus and minus degrees. On dry snow use as a coating for harder underlayer, on wet snow use as coating for klisters.
  • 121 N21 Blue -2…-8°C
    Blue wax for mid-range hard wax conditions. N21 has fairly
    hard consistency but still gives you good grip
    thanks to Rex Dual compound materials. Can be
    used on its own, as a mid-layer, or as a cover wax.
  • 111 N31 Green -8…-20°C
    A hard kick wax for cold conditions. Excellent
    glide properties on aggressive, sharp crystal snow,
    with still enough kick to be used alone or as
    a final layer to add speed.
  • 143 N21 G Black "new snow" -1…-12°C
    Innovative grip on new snow. Offers exceptional
    glide for striding. In freezing conditions, it
    is used as a coating for other waxes and in mild
    conditions, it is applied over base wax or mixed
    with klister.
  • 101 N41 Pink "old snow" -2…-15°C
    A kick wax designed for old, transformed, and artificial
    snow. So called klister/hard wax mixture
    recipe. The softness and tackiness give it solid
    grip, and added N-kinetic compounds give world
    cup-level glide.