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Rex Power Grip in three fluor-free hard waxes.

  • 41 PURPLE +3...-5°C
    For icy, coarse, and extremely hard tracks. In temperatures
    around freezing point it can be used instead of
    klisters. For new and falling snow apply a thin layer.
  • 61 BLUE -4...-10°C
    One of the best universal grip waxes on the market.
    Highly durable in all icy- and old-snow
    conditions. Works relatively well on moist snow.
  • 81 GREEN / VIHREÄ -8...-20°C
    The king of PowerGrip waxes! A universal grip
    wax for cold conditions. The same properties as on
    PowerGrip Blue, but for colder temperatures. It's also
    an excellent base wax for racing.