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Color: Blue Special K10
Blue Special K10
Blue K20
Violet K30
Violet Special K36
Rossa K40
Rossa Special K46
Silver K50
Silver Extra K52
Gialla/Yellow K60
Universal K70
Multigrade K76
Black K80
Chola K90 (binder)

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Waxes based on natural and synthetic resins essential for classic technique cross-country skiing. They allow the ski to anchor to the snow in the pushing phase and at the same time to slide in the subsequent sliding phase. To be applied with transformed, old, icy or grainy snow with rounded crystals. They come in a gelatinous and sticky form contained in tubes of about 60 gr. Usually applied cold, they can also be applied with iron in particular snow conditions. They cover a temperature range from -15 ° to + 6 °.

 They are grouped according to the snow conditions:

- KLISTER base: K10 Blue Special, K20 Blue, K90 Chola

- KLISTER for hard snow: K36 Violet Special, K30 Violet

- KLISTER for changing conditions, difficult kick situatiuons: K52 Silver Extra, K80 Nera, K76 Multigrade

- KLISTER for wet snow: K40 Rossa, K46 Rossa Special, K50 Silver, K60 Gialla, K70 Universal