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With Rottefella MOVE™ Tune you can fine-tune your bindings for optimal skis using nine positions, without taking your skis off. Turn the handle clockwise to move the bindings forwards up to 18 mm,  each position constituting 6 mm, or counterclockwise to move the bindings backwards up to 30 mm. Move your bindings based on the snow conditions, the terrain and your own style and technique. Rottefella MOVE™ Tune Skate is approved by FIS and can be used in all competitions. Rottefella MOVE™ Tune Skate Kit for contains a complete MOVE package with bindings, adapters and units.

Available in three models:
NIS 1.0 (for NIS 2 & 3 as well)
RMP Plates
IFP Plates (Turnamic)