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Color: Blue

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Blue: -3C to -8C. For frozen and crusty snow conditions. When the track has become glazed due to a thaw-freeze cycle. Violet: +3C to -4C. For mixed snow, ice and crust conditions

Red: +5C to +1C For wet crystal (lost, or has very poor structure) snow. If the snow is wetter or dirty move to Ski*go.

Silver. When it is a lot warmer move to Ski*go.

Orange. When the glide is not enough and the snow structure is poor then mix with Ski*go.

Violet. If new snow is starting to fall on the track and produce mixed snow (old and new) then move to Ski*go.

Universal or Ski*go Orange as the temperature and wetness dicates. As the temperature drops move to Ski*go.

Violet or Ski*go Racing Warm +1/-3 as the snow structure dictates.