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Color: TSP 5 Green
TSP 5 Green
TSP 6 Blue
TSP 7 Violet
TSP 8 Red
TSP 10 Yellow

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Top Speed Powders. Half way through the winter of 2019-2020 Swix started to release these powders for their Top Speed line. For racing the real question is whether you want to invest in and put a non-fluor powder on your ski? It certainly can be a hassle and not very cost effective, but for speed at all costs it is one option. Note that Swix recommends an iron temp for all of these between 180C and 200C, so be cautious when working with these powders. 40g

Top Speed 5 Powder, -10C to -18C (0F to 14F)
Top Speed 6 Powder, -6C to -12C (10F to 21F)
Top Speed 7 Powder, -2C to -8C  (18F to 28F)
Top Speed 8 Powder, -4C to +4C (25F to 39F)
Top Speed 10 Powder, 0C to 10C (32F to 50F)