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It comes in Yellow, Red, and Blue and has the same temperature recommendations as Toko's other products that are categorized by Yellow, Red, and Blue. It is non fluorinated.

For most conditions, both speed and durability are maximized by applying the wax then let it dry overnight and brush it out before skiing. When the snow is wet, apply then wait a minimum of 30 minutes before brushing it out with the liquid paraffin polishing brush.  

From Toko: Although the High Performance and Base Performance Liquid Paraffins yield fast skis, the ski bases still need to be hot waxed regularly to maintain the bases. If this is not done the bases will dry out (like with any liquid paraffins). I generally hot wax every second time out but this is a question of standards. For training, I generally hot wax with Base Performance Hot Wax Blue. For race day generally speaking the recommended wax would be High Performance Hot Wax Cold when using High Performance Liquid Paraffin Blue and Red and HP Hot Wax Universal when using HPLP Yellow.