Stone Grinding Update March 11, 2024

Nathan Schultz

Stone Grinding Update

Lars Svensson from Tazzari visited us in Boulder on February 26-27. Lars came from Sweden to do maintenance and upgrades on our Tazzari RP-23 and RP-13 stone grinding machines and gave us some new structures to try out on snow. Lars is a character, and we were regaled with stories and gossip from the elite world of stone grinding at the World Cup and in ski factories.

Lars in the guts of the machine

Lars replaced our diamond drive system and made a few other enhancements. The result? Our machine is producing phenomenal work. We are eager to test these new grinds and a few things we have been wanting to play with.  We've already spent some time on these new grinds, and initial results are promising. We plan to continue testing through the spring and may add these new grinds to the menu in late April.

We completed our last weekly grind batch March 11 and have transitioned to our off-season schedule of approximately monthly grind batches. If skis come in that need to get ground for spring racing, we can hop on and make it happen - give us a call to confirm.

Grinding skis in the spring and summer gives us a chance to deliver the best results as there's no rush on either end. We are able to take our time and run larger batches, ensuring perfection in every ski. It's also the best time to discuss new skis and updating your grinds while the winter experience is still fresh in your mind.